"Amerika Müziği"nin Yeni Sayısı Yayında

American Music
Volume 30, Number 2, Summer 2012


Intellectual Disability in Carlisle Floyd?s Of Mice and Men
Stephanie Jensen-Moulton

The Reception of Carlos Chávez?s Horsepower: A Pan-American Communication Failure
Christina Taylor Gibson

A Russian Mystic in the Age of Aquarius: The U.S. Revival of Alexander Scriabin in the 1960s
Lincoln M. Ballard

Historical Authenticity Meets DIY: The Mass-Market Harpsichord in the Cold War United States
Jessica L. Wood

Book Reviews

The Music of Django Reinhardt by Benjamin Givan (review)
Scott DeVeaux

I Don?t Sound Like Nobody: Remaking Music in 1950s America by Albin J. Zak III (review)
Travis D. Stimeling

Monument Eternal: The Music of Alice Coltrane by Franya Berkman (review)
Farah Griffin

To Broadway, To Life! The Musical Theater of Bock and Harnick by Philip Lambert (review)
Charlotte Greenspan

Jazz Matters: Sound, Place, and Time since Bebop by David Ake (review)
Peter Kenagy

Reds, Whites, and Blues: Social Movements, Folk Music, and Race in the United States by William G. Roy (review)
Mark Allan Jackson