"Music And Letters" Yeni Sayısı Yayınlandı

Music and Letters
Vol. 93, No. 4, November 2012


Instrumental Music and ?Conversazione? in Early Seicento Venice: Biagio Marini?s ?Affetti Musicali? (1617)
Rebecca Cypess

The Picturesque Oratorio: Haydn?s Art in Nature?s Clothing
Stephen Groves

?About as Wild and Barbaric as well could be Imagined ? ?: The Critical Reception of Rimsky-Korsakov in Nineteenth-Century England
Stephen Muir

Detective Agency? Scoring the Amateur Female Investigator in 1940S Hollywood
Catherine Haworth


New Approaches to Tonal Theory
Robert Hasegawa


Il barbiere di Siviglia. By Gioachino Rossini. Ed. by Patricia B. Brauner.
Martin Deasy

Reflections on Musical Meaning and its Representations. By Leo Treitler.
Arnold Whittall

Historical Dictionary of English Music ca. 1400?1958. Ed. by Charles Edward McGuire and Steven E. Plank.
John Caldwell

Life after Death: The Viola da Gamba in Britain from Purcell to Dolmetsch. By Peter Holman.
Ian Woodfield

Handel?s Israelite Oratorio Libretti: Sacred Drama and Biblical Exegesis. By Deborah W. Rooke.
Ruth Smith

The Music Trade in Georgian England. Ed. by Michael Kassler.
Susan Wollenberg

Interpreting Music. By Lawrence Kramer.
Michael Spitzer

Mendelssohn, Time and Memory: The Romantic Conception of Cyclic Form. By Benedict Taylor.
Laura Tunbridge
Music and Letters 2013 93: 610-611

The Collected Writings of Franz Liszt. Edited by Janita R. Hall-Swadley.
Anna Harwell Celenza

The Performing Style of Alexander Scriabin. By Anatole Leikin.
David Fanning

Charles Koechlin: Compositeur et humaniste. Ed. by Philippe Cathé, Sylvie Douche, and Michel Duchesneau.
Deborah Mawer

Ravel. By Roger Nichols.
Michael J. Puri

Karel Husa: Skladatel mezi Evropou a Amerikou. By Ji í Vyslou il.
John Tyrrell

Building Blocks: Repetition and Continuity in the Music of Stravinsky. By Gretchen Horlacher.
Katerina Levidou

Klangperspektiven. By Lucas Haselböck.
Björn Heile

Elliott Carter. By James Wierzbicki.
John Link

John Adams?s Nixon in China: Musical Analysis, Historical and Political Perspectives. By Timothy A. Johnson.
Arnold Whittall

The Hollywood Film Music Reader. Ed. by Mervyn Cooke.
Julie Brown

Extraordinary Measures: Disability in Music. By Joseph Straus.
Alex Lubet

Play It Again: Cover Songs in Popular Music. Ed. by George Plasketes.
Melissa Hok Cee Wong