Kerbela Çölü'ndeki Berlin Senfoni, Film Olacak

Reis Çelik'in yeni film projesi "Asya Pasifik Destek Ödülü"ne layık görüldü. Körfez Savaşı sırasında Kerbela Çölü'nü geçmeye çalışan Berlin Senfoni Orkestrası'nın hikayesini "Kerbela Orkestrası" başlığıyla anlatacak.

Oskar'dan sonra dünyanın en seçkin sinema ödülleri olarak değerlendirilen Asya Pasifik Ödülleri proje geliştirme bölümünde Reis Çelik'in KERBELA ORKESTRASI adlı yeni film projesini ödüllendirdi.
Dünyanın birçok ülkesinden 150 civarında projenin başvurduğu Brisbane Marketing Economic Developmend Board jürisi başvuruları değerlendirdi ve 4 projeyi değerlendirmeye değer buldu.
25.000'er Avusturalya doları senaryo geliştirme desteği verilen projeler arasında yer alan Reis Çelik'in "KERBELA ORKESTRASI" adlı çalışması, Körfez Savaşı sırasında Amerikan işgali altındaki Irak'ta kara yoluyla Kerbela Çölü'nü geçmeye çalışan Berlin Senfoni Orkestrası'nın hikayesini anlatıyor.
Aynı zamanda tarihteki Kerbela olayınıda işleyecek olan projenin Türkiye, Almanya ve ABD ortak yapımı olarak gerçekleşmesi bekleniyor.
Reis Çelik; geçen yıl da "Lal Gece" filmi ile "Asya Pasifik Ödülleri"nden "En İyi Senaryo Ödülü"ne layık görülmüştü.
Image: The 7th Annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards

The Asia Pacific Screen Awards are proud to announce the recipients of two film development funds - the MPA APSA Academy Film Fund and APSA Academy Children's Film Fund - as well as the winners of three special awards from our partners NETPAC, FIAPF and UNESCO.

More than $150,000 will be delivered to these recipients to further develop their film projects.


The MPA APSA Academy Film Fund is a collaboration between Motion Picture Association and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, providing four development grants of $US25,000 to APSA Academy members to further develop their film projects.

Recipients of the 2013 MPA APSA Academy Film Fund are:

Ainsley Gardiner, Executive Producer for Canoe (Vaka) - New Zealand

Canoe (Vaka), from New Zealand, is an evocation of a Maori legend blended with a personal story of survival, offering great potential for a visually rich and emotionally powerful drama.

Ms Gardiner was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2010 for Boy, nominated for Best Children's Feature Film.

Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, Producer for Fall Out - Hawaii, USA

Fall Out is a strong multi-layered story, laced with unexpected humour, about the effect, past and present, of American nuclear tests on a small, dislocated community in the Marshall Islands.

Ms Hereniko was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2007 as a founding member of the APSA International Nominations Council.

Reis Çelik, Director and Screenwriter for Kerbala Orkestrasi (Karbala Orchestra) - Turkey

Karbala Orchestra (Kerbala Orkestrasi) is a lively and irreverent encounter between East and West through music, set in Iraq during the Gulf War; a symphony orchestra, sent from Germany to the war zone to cultivate economic interests, unwittingly becomes an agent of peace and goodwill.

Mr Çelik was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2012 for Lal Gece (Night of Silence), nominated for Achievement in Directing and Best Screenplay.

Garin Nugroho, Director and Screenwriter for Topeng Monyet (The Monkey Mask) - Indonesia

Topeng Monyet (The Monkey Mask) is a fantasy about spiritual and mythical domains, emerging from the harsh realities of life in the city streets.

Mr Nugroho was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2007 for Requem For Jawa (Opera Jawa), nominated for Best Feature Film.


The APSA Academy Children's Film Fund is a collaboration between APSA and Manila-based 4 Boys Films, providing two $AU20,000 grants annually to APSA Academy members. It aims to provide script development support to children's feature films that carry positive, life affirming messages specifically for and about children of Asia Pacific.

Recipients of the 2013 APSA Academy Children's Film Fund are:

Sudheer Palsane, Executive Producer for Noor - India

Noor, set in Kashmir, allows a young audience to experience a conflict zone through the eyes of a child in a revealing rite of passage story.

Mr Palsane was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2010 for Vihir (The Well), winner of the Achievement in Cinematography award.

Kate Shelper, Producer for The Wonderful Adventures of Topsy Brown & Other Terrible Tales - Australia

Through the journey of the young female protagonist the film brings to life the separation of families experienced by Aboriginal people in Australia under the assimilation program of the 40's, and shows how determination and a belief in one's self can overcome even the biggest obstacles.

Ms Shelper was inducted into the APSA Academy in 2009 for Samson & Delilah, winner of the Best Feature Film award.


Korean film producer Lee Choon-yun received the 2013 FIAPF Award for outstanding achievement in film in the Asia Pacific region.

Over the past decade, during arguably the most important period in the history of Korean cinema, Mr Lee has been at the centre of film and culture; representing the film industry through official leadership positions and acting as an interlocutor between the industry and the government, elder filmmakers and the new generation, and the established and independents.


Iranian film The Painting Pool, produced by Manoochehr Mohammadi, received the 2013 UNESCO Award for outstanding contribution to the promotion and preservation of cultural diversity through film.


Designed to nurture outstanding talent in the region, the 2013 NETPAC Development Prize of $US10,000 was awarded to director, screenwriter and cinematographer Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Kazakhstan) for his film Stroiteli (Constructors).

The Award is offered by APSA in collaboration with the Griffith Film School and Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC).


For a full list of the 7th Annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards winners, visit our website:

Once again we congratulate all of this year's winners and thank our partners for helping to deliver our most international event to date.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Hawkins
Executive Chairman
Asia Pacific Screen Awards